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HOW TO LOSE 26 EXCESSIVE KILOGRAMS WITHOUT DIFFICULT– Are you fed up with being overweight? Can’t you lose weight? Do the kilos come back to you once you manage to lose them? Do you want to wear your favorite dress, but you cannot fit it, and buying beautiful clothes is a huge problem for you?

“I am grateful to those who called me fat and looked down at me. If it weren’t for them, I would still be fat! ”Says Natalia Chałubińska, who lost 26 kg. On her way to a beautiful figure, she encountered many different diets, but the simplest way turned out to be the most effective. Natalia told us about this method, not omitting any details, e.g. that its use also prevents the yo-yo effect. Here is her incredibly addictive story …

I’ve never been petite, but I was embarrassed by being overweight. When I met my future husband, Marek, I let go and regained my sanity only when I realized that I had gotten really fat.

When I met Marek, I gave up, and only regained my sanity when I realized that I had gotten really fat.

We have been together for over 7 years and we have two beautiful children. But until recently, we lived, as they say, “together but apart”. Marek had his own apartment, he worked a lot and only visited me from time to time. Then he disappeared again.

From the very beginning of our relationship, I was constantly waiting for him to propose to me. It was my dream!

When will she finally propose? It was my dream!

When I got pregnant for the first time, I thought we were going to get married now. But none of this. Marek still only visited me, and I was waiting for him …

When our older son was born, we were very happy. He recognized paternity, took care of me, and helped me in everything. I felt that he loved us, but it was his own special kind of love.

For our son’s second birthday, we decided to go on a 2-week trip to the seaside together. Water, sun, and sand. I missed a vacation so much!

In Egypt we had a nice hotel, warm beach, and full board – everything perfect.

HOW TO LOSE 26 EXCESSIVE KILOGRAMS WITHOUT DIFFICULT Unexpectedly on the beach, I noticed that Marek was looking at one girl for a long time. I said nothing, but I decided to watch him as well. But then he changed the subject of his observations and began to look at another girl, then another, and then another – endlessly!

I was furious! I and my son may not have existed for him.

Suddenly it hit me that he only liked skinny girls!

I didn’t want to be silly jealous, so I tried to calm down and analyze the situation. I quickly realized that all the girls he was watching had one thing in common – they were twice as thin as I was! The thought hit me like lightning. He just likes skinny girls! Maybe that’s why our relationship looks like this ??

I have a picture of her holding me in her arms but looking at another “skinny chick” look:

Marek never said he didn’t like my figure. He never asked me to lose weight, none of that. But he didn’t propose marriage either, and that was what I wanted the most.

These thoughts made me very tense, and the buffet helped me cope with my stress – you eat as much as you want. During these two weeks, I ate for three.

After returning from vacation, I climbed the scale and was shocked. Along with my tan from Egypt, I brought 9.5 kg. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I started searching the internet for information about losing weight, but a few weeks later I found out that I was pregnant again! My vacation was fruitful in every way. Of course, in this state, I stopped thinking about losing weight, my thoughts were elsewhere …

Either way, I suspected Mark didn’t love me as a woman.

I couldn’t help but think that Marek didn’t love me as a woman. I almost decided to have an abortion. I am very glad that Marek categorically forbade me to even think about it.

And so our second child was born, another son. History repeated itself. Marek recognized paternity, surrounded us with care, love and devoted our attention. But only when he was close. There weren’t any of his things in the apartment except a toothbrush, so I was focusing on the kids, that was my way of dealing with the situation.

After I stopped breastfeeding, thoughts of losing weight began to torture me all over again. I couldn’t forget about this vacation, I could still see Mark’s admiring eyes moving over the bodies of emaciated beauties, and nothing changed in our relationship. I still weighed 88 kg.

At that time, I weighed 88 kg. Well, I decided!

I decided it was time for a change! I tried everything: diets, at least a dozen, various fitness programs, body wrapping, special massages, etc. Unfortunately, they either did not help at all or only temporarily – as soon as the kilograms were gone, they returned like a boomerang.

One day I met Ania in a confectionery. We met in the hospital, where we were at the same time in the delivery room when I gave birth to my second son. I barely recognized her, she was almost half the size of me, and now she is almost 3 times smaller than after giving birth !!!

“Impossible!” I exclaimed instead of saying hello to her. “I can’t believe my eyes! Anka, is that really you? “

“I slimmed down a bit, didn’t I?” She replied with a smile as she bought some chocolate muffins.


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