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How I lost 85 to 54 kg in just 2 months – Hi girls! You all noticed that I lost a lot of weight and started bombarding me with questions. I tried my best to answer and support you all, but I couldn’t (to reply to so many messages I would have to live online). So, I decided to write this post to answer the million-dollar question: “How did you manage to lose 31 kg?” (Attention, this is by no means to say that you don’t have to write or ask me anything, it just makes my life easier).

I have never been skinny, but I had noticed that I continued to gain weight. decided I had to get a fit and healthy body at all costs, so I stopped eating fatty, fried foods and gave up on the large late-hour dinners. I started jogging in the morning and training sessions at the gym in the evening, but instead of losing weight, I kept getting more and more! After a month my weight had reached a terrible number: ALMOST 100 KG! I, therefore, decided to make my diet even more rigid, excluding meat, bread, pasta, and desserts. I ate only fruit and vegetables and drank nothing but water. nothing seemed to work for me: after a while, in fact, my exhausted body regained all the weight lost.

Neither diets nor pills are effective, they are just a rip-off! Workouts, on the other hand, are too difficult and it takes too long to see progress. So what to do?

After an avalanche of diets, pills, and hours spent in the gym and thousands of dollars paid to my personal trainer, I gave up completely. Then one day I came across an article about Moringa Actives: said that this powder based on matcha tea extract, taurine, and lemon juice extract removes toxins from the body, speeds up metabolism, helps the body burn fat 3-4 times faster, increases energy and normalizes cholesterol. I’ll be honest with you: I was quite skeptical, but, honestly, I had nothing to lose, so I decided to give it a try! Also, I had checked the reviews and they were really impressive!

Millions of women in Europe and the United States have shed their extra pounds thanks to Moringa Actives. According to research, 96.7% lost 12 to 17 kg in three weeks!

By now I had decided! I double-checked everything and ordered the supplement, which arrived within a couple of weeks. I read the instructions and started taking it once a day, adding a teaspoon of the powder to a glass of warm water (150ml) and waiting for the powder to dissolve completely before drinking it.


After just two weeks my results were amazing: I had lost 6 kgThe swelling was gone and my complexion had improved a lot! Plus, my hips and belly had shrunk considerably and my mood improved! I began to believe that I could become beautiful again without diets or workouts! So, I started eating everything I wantedI had enough of starving and working out …

was in better shape, which motivated me to take the stairs instead of always using the elevator. What appeared to be hard training turned out to be a real pleasure for me! I couldn’t believe it just happened because I was following the simple instructions on the package of this supplement! If I had succeeded, anyone could have done it! It had only been two months and my extra 31 kg was gone!

I reached my ideal weight in 60 days. The belly is gone, I lost 31 kg and I have a body that I would never have dared to dream of

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