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HOW I FED AND LOST WEIGHT “Enjoy the best life has to offer” is my motto. The best thing for me is tasty and unhealthy food. I don’t feel normal without her. My family members always teased me for being chubby, but it never bothered me. I only let it bother me when I was alone. There was a weak and scared being hiding under all that grease. Now, all this belongs to the past. It took me half a year to achieve this, but I lost 50 kg and I would like to share with everyone how easy it is to lose weight.

My story is not typical. I didn’t gain weight after giving birth, but I had a hormonal imbalance and a lot of stress after a difficult separation. everyone in my family is like that. It’s like we love food. I didn’t feel that way when I was a teenager trying to do something with my weight. No matter what I tried, the fat continued to show up all over my body.

When I finished high school, I moved to another city to enter university. I thought it would be my opportunity to change, but I found the situation was out of my control. Even as a child, I was never a fan of sports or physical exercise. I’ve also never been able to avoid eating the food I love. My night trips to buy plastic food became a ritual for me.

Unlike then, now I understand that I was always very stressed. I always dreamed of finding true love. A partner who could love me even though I was ugly? All my friends had happy relationships. We often held small cozy game parties, chatted, drank wine, and ate tasty food. I saw how my skinny friends could devour their huge amounts of plastic food without gaining weight. I sat there, grinding my teeth and eating a salad. I knew if I ate too much my jeans would explode and the room would fill with my flabby fats. So when I got home, I ate whatever I wanted in silence while no one was looking.

I was at home alone watching a series while devoured a pizza along with other plastic food and laughing out loud. Then I cried not because the show was sad, but because I felt sorry for myself and hated me. WHY CAN’T I LOSE WEIGHT? Was it because I didn’t follow a diet and ate a lot? What can I do to get things under control when I try so hard and nothing works?

I ate oatmeal and went for a group cardiovascular workout. The hard part was seeing how perfect all the other girls looked. It was all too easy for them. I tried so hard and didn’t see any results. I’m sick of it all. I couldn’t deal with the failure again. Everything changed with my new roommate who was very stylish. She was in shape and her body looked just PERFECT. She had slender arms and legs, a narrow waist, well-defined contours, shiny hair, and delicate skin. I ate as much as I did and sometimes it seemed like I ate more.

I was so jealous that someone else could eat as much as I did and not get fat. What about me?? I can’t imagine how nasty I looked, fat and wrapped in a towel crying in the corner of the room when my roommate suddenly walked in thinking the room was empty. She saw me and tried to calm me down. I couldn’t help it and so I told him everything. She revealed her secret to me…

Turns out he had to go through different weight loss diets to get where he was. Worn out in the gym, but never saw any results. She was absolutely desperate when she met a very impressive individual. He revealed to her the secret to losing weight and told her that the models, actors, singers, fitness coaches and everyone else who has a body to be envy, all lost weight with the help of Green Barley Plus .

She made a magical Green Barley Plus for me and offered me to try it. I had heard about this special drink that is soaked in oil for a ketogenic diet, but the idea of ​​trying it made me sick. But this drink was not what I expected, it was absolutely delicious.

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