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Where do the results of weight loss come from?

Does it come from sports? Does it come from dieting? Some method of source? Both are right and wrong.

The results of weight loss are determined to come from only one factor, that is, the calorie gap.

Weight loss formula: basal metabolic rate + exercise burns> eating calories

as long as the value is greater than the sum of the first two the last one, you could not lose weight, unless you are capable of photosynthesis, the sun can increase body weight.

Therefore, the question asked by the most people in the group, why did not lose weight, or why not lose weight, is the most stupid question. As long as the calorie gap is ensured, it is impossible not to lose weight.

This leads to another problem, counting calories. If you don’t count calories, and the calorie gap you create every day is not big, you are easily confused. And if you don’t count calories and ask others why you can’t lose weight, it’s just a fool’s thinking. Others don’t know how much you eat. How can you help you judge why you didn’t lose weight?

The following are my views on basic exercise:

Anaerobic exercise does not consume a lot of calories. It takes five kilograms of muscle to increase the basal metabolism of less than two hundred calories. As a woman, you have to judge whether you can rely on anaerobic muscle gain to help lose weight.

My suggestion is that anaerobic is only for women’s shaping. To lose weight, you must first rely on aerobics. Only women with less muscle need to gain muscle for weight loss.

Hiit and other high-efficiency exercises are not only advantages. Many people will feel sore all over, which will affect their desire to exercise. If you feel that the former is more comfortable after walking for two hours and 45 minutes of hiit, then walking faster is better.

As long as you consume the same amount of calories, the weight loss effect is just as good.

So it’s the fundamental problem again, counting calories.

Many people ask me to judge whether she is doing good or not. This kind of problem is very annoying. Counting calories, it’s that simple. In the case of the same consumption, I will choose the one I like more between the two exercises.

People who will let others help judge exercise are people who do not have the basic idea of ​​losing weight, and the basic idea of ​​losing weight is very simple.

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