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A new study by found that the average cost of car insurance in 2021 will be $1,422 with an annual premium of $118. This is a 7% increase from 2020 where the average cost was $1,313 and an annual premium of $110. The most expensive states for car insurance are Rhode Island at $2,936; Louisiana at 2,541; and New Jersey at 2,341. The cheapest state to ensure your vehicle is Ohio which has an average rate of just over 1k per year!

A recent study by the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company predicts that average car insurance rates will be $1,432 in 2021. This is nearly double the cost of today’s average rate of $879 per year. What can you do to lower your future costs? ­­­­Police officers and firefighters enjoy some of the lowest auto insurance premiums at an estimated $1,218 annually. You could also get a good deal by driving less than 10,000 miles per year or waiting until age 25 before buying a new vehicle for these two groups pay significantly more on average than drivers who exceed those limits–$2,967 and $4,282 respectively. The article goes on to discuss ways to save money on your current and future car insurance

With the economy in a slump, many people are looking for ways to save money. One way to do this is by driving less and cutting back on expenses like gas. Another easy way to cut down on your car insurance costs is by looking for discounts and other factors that could lower your premiums. A new study has surfaced with some startling statistics about future average car insurance rates so we thought we would share them with you!

Auto car insurance policies

are now available through Assurant. Auto associations across the nation have partnered with this company, which means that you can save up to 15-20% on your premium if it’s not already included in our rates!
A savings of over 1 billion dollars will be made by 2020 as a result – so check out these great deals before they change again next year


Auto Insurance for Your Car is a Minefield: The Top 3 Mistakes Made by Drivers.”
“Every year, we hear about the dangers of not having auto insurance. How could you let your guard down and still be unprepared? You answered correctly if any one or more of these apply to YOU!” “

1) It’s only been since January 2018 when I had my most recent renewal due date;

2) No accidents happened in close proximity so far this year (or at all),

3). I thought car ownership was considered secure enough because they’re registered as mine/spouse etc.;

Imagine the possibilities of having your own auto insurance policy. What do you think about being able to choose exactly how much coverage, what type of discounts are best for me, and which company will be providing this service? Auto insurers offer different options that can create an individual plan tailored specifically for drivers like yourself – it is important not only to know these details but also to understand them before purchasing any kind of make or model car because if something does happen there may no one else willing to provide help when needed most!

The average cost of car insurance is projected to rise by about $70 per year or 7% annually. This means that in 2021 the average person will be spending around $1,350 on premiums for their vehicle (assuming a national median price). If you’re interested in finding out how much your own rates have increased each year and what they may look like going forward, check out the chart below!

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